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'Take a Moment Says the Tree' Original

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There’s a beautiful pale blue, a calming energy, that draws me to this tree. As I move closer, my awareness becomes focused on the tree alone. My eyes run over its trunk and soak up the array of colours and textures of the bark. The pen-like squiggles of the scribbly gum moth larvae make me smile, just because they are there. I am grateful for this moment of peace and joy and wonder. Of being fully present. It is the tree’s gift to me. – CS

Original painting by Carollyne Smithson of Australian Scribbly Gum Eucalyptus tree in a native tree habitat in Sydney, Australia. Painted using mixed media (watercolours, acrylic inks, white gouache and calligraphy ink) on acid-free watercolour paper. Size 41.3cm x 29.1cm. Completed 2021.

Unframed: sealed in archival, acid-free plastic sleeve and sent in rigid packaging. Free delivery within Australia. $30 flat rate shipping outside Australia.

Framed: Oak frame 1192 QDQ mould, double matt, window 400mm x 285mmm, UltraVue UV70 glass, BB5 acid-free foam board backing, D-Rings and wire. Free delivery within Australia. $75 flat rate shipping outside Australia.

Free delivery within Australia.